Well, we think we can safely say Summer is on its way out! The nights are getting darker earlier and the temperatures are mostly definitely dropping with the sun. We may still be getting some sun and warmth during the day, but everyone seems to be commenting on how much colder they are after dark now. Some have even mentioned the dreaded ‘H’ word and said they have had to put their heating on! So, we thought we would look at some hints & tips for staying warm in bed during the harsh winter months…

  1. The H Word – the most obvious one, sleep with the heating on. However, a lot of people don’t like to do this as can cause some quite bad headaches in some people. For those of you who know what we are talking about, you will know there is no worse feeling on a morning than waking up with a stuffy ‘heating headache.’ Often though, sleeping with the heating on and leaving the bedroom window slightly open can prevent these from happening. You might think this kind of contradicts the idea of having the heating on, but it does actually still keep your house warm, despite the slight air getting in, and it also means you are much less likely to wake up with a bad head!
  2. PJ’s – yep, again obvious. However, some people don’t swap their summer pj’s for winter ones, meaning they are going to bed in December in shorts and a vest then wondering why they are feeling the cold! Pj’s with long sleeves and proper trousers are much more effective in winter, especially if they are made of flannel type material. These really do keep you warmer and they also stop the chill getting to your bare skin on a morning when you get up.
  3. Socks – another great tip! That old saying ‘if your feet are warm then your whole body is warm’ is true to an extent. Sleeping with socks – especially bed socks – on really does help keep your body warmer. Sleeping with uncovered feet can cause feelings of coldness despite the bed covers, so cover them up with some fluffy winter bed socks!
  4. Mattress Topers & Extra Covers – mattress toppers not only make for great comfort, but they also help trap in heat. Just like a duvet they come in different sizes and togs and aren’t even expensive to buy! Adding a mattress topper and an extra sheet or throw over to your bed really can make a difference in the Winter as your body heat gets trapped between the layers, keeping you cosy in your sleep.
  5. Hot Water Bottles – these are great! We all know that awful feeling of getting into cold sheets, well these need not be the case with a hot water bottle at hand. Fill it up, pop it in the bed half an hour before you get in and you’ll feel a huge difference. They also stay warm for hours so help keep you snuggly throughout the night. Remember to follow the instructions properly for hot water bottles, as over filling can cause leaking or even popping, so always check the manufacturers safety instructions before using.
  6. Cup of Tea – yep, a simple cup of tea before bed can help raise your body temperature, meaning you get in bed feeling warmer. For the older ones of us this might not be the best idea though, as 2am trips to the bathroom to empty our bladders can be quite a bit colder than getting into bed without a cup of tea!

We hope these hints & tips help keep you warmer during the winter! If you have any of your own, drop them in the comments below…